How to Find High-Quality Employees for Your Opening

An entrepreneur cannot nurture a winning enterprise alone. Every famous businessperson who has successfully established a successful company has had great employees on their side.

When an entrepreneur invents and commercializes an idea, the task of running the business becomes difficult to manage. It is during this time that a prudent leader should find and hire the best workers to help him achieve his entrepreneurial ambitions.

Hiring the right people is very important in today’s economy. When employers make the wrong choices in a hiring exercise, they may incur significant losses both time-wise and financially.

The cost of finding, engaging, interviewing and training new employees is very high. Therefore, recruiters have to find and select the best employees to cushion a company from the cost implications of hiring the wrong workers. So, how do you find quality employees for your opening?

Come Up With an Accurate Job Description

The first step towards getting the right employees is to create an effective job description for the position you are offering.

The description should carefully reflect the roles to be occupied by the prospect worker, the required skill sets, any relevant experience that would differentiate them from the rest, and the personality needed to complete their tasks.

This will help you filter a huge chunk of applicants with the potential to execute their duties successfully.

Draft a Success Profile

Besides creating a job description, it is crucial to compile a success profile of the ideal employee for important positions. This enables the successful implementation of your business idea. The posts might include team leaders and managers.


The internet has become one of the key tools to propagate information. Nowadays, job openings are majorly advertised via the internet because it helps reach a large number of viable job candidates, and it’s cost-effective.

Social media is a great asset to successful advertising. Since many job seekers are on popular social media platforms, it is easier to reach them through a well-crafted advertisement. When using social media, there are a few things you should do to make the ad more effective:

  • Provide contact information: provide the necessary contact information, such as an email address through which applications can send their documents or make inquiries.
  • Promote your culture: including videos and photos showing your company to help attract the right people for the advertised positions.
  • Encourage sharing: you should ask people to share the job ad in various networks. The more the job opening is shared, the wider the audience, leading to a higher number of potential candidates.

However, this does not mean you should overlook other advertising channels like newspapers and television.

Consider New Job Seekers

Just because someone does not have a lot of experience in the specified field doesn’t mean they can’t be great employees. If they pose the traits and personality required to execute the set roles, you should consider such candidates.

In many cases, experienced candidates are always looking for higher perks and greener pastures. With fresh job seekers, however, they can be trained to adapt to their new roles with a lot of ease.

Unless the position requires elevated qualifications like leadership and managerial skills, a startup company can always leverage the energy and flexibility exhibited by new applicants.

Maximize Your Job Ad Visibility

Advertising a job through the internet is not enough. The most effective way to ensure you get the right job candidates is to ensure the seekers know you are hiring. With so many job postings happening online, you need to employ the best techniques for your ad to stand out.

  • Sponsored ad: A sponsored ad is a paid listing that is displayed in strategic positions on web pages. They can also be paid advertisements in different social networks. They increase the number of people viewing the job ad meaning you will have a larger pool of candidates to choose from.
  • Be specific: when drafting job openings, be specific about the job title and the requirements. It will help you catch the attention of the optimal job seeker.

Review Resumes Constantly

After posting the advertisement, you will start to receive resumes, sometimes in larger amounts than expected. Based on preset criteria and qualifications, you should review the resumes and determine the potential candidates.

Screen Candidates by Phone

After going through the resumes and narrowing your search, call the candidates and screen them using a set of prepared questions to narrow the search further.

Using similar questions in this step will ensure you are evaluating the job seekers equally. Assessing the candidates via the phone also reduces the backlog and simplifies the work of the hiring panel. Based on the responses from the phone interview, you should select the applicants qualified for the next stage.

Assess The Potential Candidates for Their Skills

A resume and a phone interview offer limited information about job seekers. A reliable assessment tool will help you analyze the most important behavioural traits and reasoning capability of an applicant. For example, a correct assessment tool will unveil if the interviewee can get along with colleagues and whether they will be amicable with you and the other managers.

Getting Those High-Quality Employees Through the Door

Finding the right employees for a start-up business is not easy. The quality of the absorbed workers will determine if you will accomplish your vision and mission. The internet is an essential ingredient to help you in finding the right individuals.

The process of getting the right people starts with the formulation of an accurate job description, adequate and effective advertisement, regularly reviewing applicants’ resumes, screening the candidates via a phone call and finally conducting a physical interview to determine the best applicants for the job.


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