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In an industry with workforce challenges and funding gaps, medical centers of all sizes find themselves needing assistance with temporary or long-term medical staffing. From physician staffing, allied clinician, pharmacist, nurse staffing and recruitment, Aloha International Employment offers a wide range of professional healthcare staff recruitment services that help medical facilities dispense the best services to the public.

Do you need temporary or permanent healthcare workers? Do you need to fill an urgent healthcare position in your healthcare delivery system or you want professionals to manage your medical recruitment process? Whatever the case, you can count on AIE to help you hire the best staff for your medical facility.

Customized recruitment program

When you contact us for your medical staffing needs, our dynamic healthcare team will try to understand the nature of your facility, the type of services offered and then create a customized program that will help us find competent staff for your organization. You will be assigned an account manager who will lead the recruitment of medical personnel for your facility and respond to any staffing requests that you may have.

Our laser-focused healthcare recruiters not only have the medical industry experience to identify the best candidates but also the best staffing technology to get you the best healthcare professionals for your medical facility. Our processes are fast and efficient and this will help you fill urgent positions in your facility with ease.

High quality medical personnel

Our healthcare staff recruitment process adheres to the strict requirements demanded in the industry and this ensures that clients are presented with high quality medical staffing candidates.

We will ask you detailed questions about the type of candidates that you expect to meet as well as the professional qualifications that you want the candidates to have. We will then inform you of the healthcare staffing services that we offer and how they can help you find the right healthcare professionals for your facility.

A proven track record

With more than 30 years of experience providing healthcare facilities with the right workers, we have earned a good reputation with medical facilities and healthcare professionals alike. Job seekers in the healthcare industry turn to us for placement services and as such, we have a good number of such workers in our database. The medical facilities that partner with us, therefore, have a rich pool of talented healthcare individuals to choose from.

Our recruitment process is very strict and it has resulted in high retention rates by healthcare providers since the professionals we provide are not only competent but are serious individuals who are looking for organizations to grow with them.

Our professional medical staffing services can provide the competent healthcare professionals that you need for imaging, pharmacy, laboratory, therapy and other healthcare specialties that you need for your medical facility. Contact us today to begin the hiring process and we will connect you to our experienced healthcare specialists right away.