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Our staffing agency understands that finding the right job can be difficult, a little frustrating, and even overwhelming. Whether you are seeking full-time employment or seasonal, temporary work, let us help you find job openings that are best suited for you!

Struggling to find your place in the competitive job field in Hawaii? At Aloha International Employment, we will help you stand out from the competition and get you the job you want and deserve. We have been offering services to those seeking employment opportunities as early as 1981. Our friendly and professional staff have successfully assisted thousands of Maui and Oahu residents with finding the right work assignments.

Find Employment with our Job Placement Agency

We are dedicated to helping you find a job that will highlight your best qualifications. Are you are a laborer or a professional? If you are seeking full-time employment or are looking for something temporary, we work hard to find the best match for you. Our job postings and job openings can be sent directly to your e-mail account. Our Wailuku office will support you in evaluating your training and with completing your applications. If you have a specific salary range you desire, state it. The more information we have about your needs, the better equipped we are to find good jobs for you.

Examples Of Who Benefits From Our Services

  • Those with a doctoral degree
  • Those with a bachelor’s degree
  • Motor Vehicle Operator
  • A job seeker with limited work experience
  • Management and professional positions
  • Those in possession of a specialty license
  • Part-time or temporary assignment seekers

As a full-service employment agency, we won’t stop helping you search until you are satisfied. If you find that a position is not the best fit for you, no problem. Give us a call and we’ll help you find something better suited for your employment needs. We take recruitment seriously, assume responsibility and welcome your feedback.

To keep matters simple and streamlined, we will email job notifications as they come. Our professional yet relaxed team helps people feel confident and valued. When seeking the support of an employment agency, keep your goals in center focus. There are many agencies available and they are not all created equal. Be treated like a human, not as data in a system. We see the whole human when you walk through our doors.

Why AIE when Searching for Employment?

As a client of Aloha International Employment, you have an advantage over other job seekers throughout Hawaii. Here are some benefits of choosing our employment agency:

  • You can choose among a variety of diverse and challenging assignments
  • Applicants have the chance to develop and improve work skills
  • Your chances of being hired long-term or permanently increases
  • You’re surrounded by a team of professionals working to help you
  • Gain access to our many resources
  • We assist you with overall interview and application preparations
  • Immediate email notifications for suitable job openings

 Jobs And Your Happiness = Our Priority

Whether you need assistance on what to wear or how to “stand out” from the rest of the job-seeking crowd, we’re here to answer all of your questions. If you have the slightest interest in a job posting, we will support you. You can also browse our BLOG to learn more interview and resume tips.

AIE Staff


AIE employees are successful and happy. They have higher rates of employment security and more opportunities for long-term employment. They receive benefits and can improve their skill sets. They have access to real-time job notifications. You are not just an applicant fulfilling duties. Need more reasons to become an AIE employee?

At Aloha International Employment, Inc. employees are EMPLOYED!

To learn more about job placement within our company, set up an appointment with us today.