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Not sure what to expect once you get hired on as an AIE Associate? Check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive from job seekers and associates.

While I’m on an assignment for one of AIE’s customers, who is my employer?

Aloha International Employment, Inc. is your employer on record. Your AIE point of contact is the person who could answer all work assignment- related questions or who you would contact regarding any employment issues.

What should I do if my job duties are different than those that were described to me?

Please notify your AIE point of contact immediately, especially if safety is a concern.

What should I do if my assignment has ended?

Please be sure to have your timesheet completed and signed by an authorized supervisor at the job site, then notify your AIE point of contact so you may be considered for new assignments.

What should I do if I’m unable to report to work or will be in late?

If you are unable to report or are running late, notify AIE as soon as possible. This way AIE will be able to fulfill our customer’s needs by sending in a replacement; if necessary.

When should I submit my timesheet?

It is a good habit to submit your timesheet at the end of your last shift for the week; however, ALL timesheets must be submitted by 10:00 AM on Monday mornings.

Can I record my hours for multiple jobs on the same timesheet?

No. Please record your hours for each assignment you work at on a separate timesheet filled completely including the company’s name and totaled hours.

When can I expect my paycheck?

Payday is Friday of the week you submit your properly fill-in timesheet (if Friday is a Holiday, then payday will be the preceding Thursday).

If I receive my paycheck via pay card or direct deposit, where can I find my paystubs?

You may go to the Employee Portal and login. You can retrieve your paystubs from the portal at any time.

What should I do if I am injured while on an assignment?

If an accident occurs while you are out on a job, call your AIE point of contact immediately! You are considered an employee of AIE and therefore, will be covered by AIE’s workers compensation policy. Be sure to notify AIE immediately so that we may be sure you are given the proper care and attention.

If the injury happens outside of AIE’s normal business hours of Monday – Friday between 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM please contact the workers comp afterhours emergency line at (808) 633-0289. Someone will be able to assist you. However, if this is a true emergency, please proceed to the nearest Emergency Room to receive proper care.

Am I eligible for medical benefits through AIE?

AIE will notify you once you become eligible for medical benefits. Your options will be discussed with you at the time of your eligibility.

*Once you work 20+ hours per week for four consecutive weeks in a calendar month, you are deemed eligible. (i.e. you start on June 16th and work 20+ hours each week, you will be eligible for medical insurance on August 1st, because you worked 20+ hours each week in the calendar month of July to be eligible for August).