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Looking for teachers for your private school who can make all the difference in the experiences of your students? Having the right, qualified teachers is crucial for the success and reputation of the private school.

Whether you are seeking out core subject teachers, art teachers or elementary school teachers, we will find the best fit for your school. Our staffing agency in Hawaii can identify good, highly skilled teachers in a variety of fields. We serve school districts across the state, with the large pool of qualified teachers, substitute educators and education experts in Hawaii.

Our company works closely with a number of schools nationwide, assisting them in finding the perfect solutions that best suit their staff needs. We offer solutions for any placement and educational staffing needs.

What can you expect to get?

Whether it is a post-baccalaureate program or pre-elementary education, there is always a high demand for good teachers. At Aloha International Employment, we understand the requirements and demands of the private education sector, so you can be sure that you’ll get the standard of integrity and excellence you need and deserve. Moreover, you’ll receive personalized services according to your individual needs.

There are teachers in different content areas and for different educational stages

Our agency can provide qualified, trained teachers who are skilled in different content areas. They can cover all educational stages – all the way to Grade 12. That means there are teachers who can teach different student levels, from basic class levels at elementary or secondary schools to AP courses at the high schools.

With a wealth of teaching resources, education professionals, and highly trained consultants, we believe that the future is much brighter. From paraprofessionals, to substitute teachers, to special education teachers, there is a broad range of staff positions. Just let us know what you are looking for and we will help you make the right choices.

How can we help you?

It is challenging for schools to balance instruction with the administration. We are here to help you make the most out of your school. Let us help you:

  • Access the best talents – we can connect you with professionals who can fit both your requirements and culture
  • Carefully match staff levels to the specific school demands
  • Fill substitute teachers as well as other staff positions
  • Streamline your contract process with the help of experienced persons who understand your goals, industry, and organization
  • Get help whenever you need, with on-call support and 24-hour customer service

It is a win-win for everyone

With our services everyone wins, including:

  • Districts or schools – They win with the decreased administrative burden, cost savings, and reduced amount of time spent on managing and scheduling teacher absences.
  • Students – They win with the classrooms staffed with high-quality, trained substitute teachers.
  • Teachers – They win through continuous instruction.
  • Community – It benefits from having the right people in the right positions at the right time.

Let us work together! Aloha International Employment can be your partner in education. If you want to learn more about our services, please feel free to contact us at any time.