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  • How to use Social Media in Your Job Search

    Most people cringe at the thought of a potential employer viewing their social media profiles for the information contained within those pages so it isn’t shocking that most people shy away from social media in every aspect if it involves employment. But, perhaps avoiding social media is harboring your job search when it could actually […]

  • The Top Job Interview Questions and Answers in 2018

    We understand what it’s like going into a job interview. It can excite the motivation and unnerve the best of us. You may think your resume and your appearance look impressive, but those aren’t the only attributes that will catch the attention of your prospective employer. They’re going to want to know a little bit […]

  • 6 Careers in Hawaii That Are Expected to Grow in 2018

    Hawaii is and always has been a state of perpetual change, ever since its founding and admission into the Union in 1959. As a growing, progressive state, it is constantly moving on all levels of finance, industry, technology, and in employment. While the state of the workforce is continually in flux due to several internal […]

  • 5 Steps To Getting A Job Offer

    If one of your wishes is precisely to get a job in your professional sector, we will give you the guidelines you must follow to make it a reality. Keep reading to know the definite steps to get that job and start your working year on the right foot: Check your curriculum vitae The first […]

  • Top 5 Beaches For Locals To Visit In Maui

    The Island of Maui in Hawaii has some 300 miles of coastline, making it one of the best destination for a beach adventure. Some of the beaches are good, but there are those that are just out of this world. They offer an incredible view, unbeatable hospitality, and a fantastic adventure that visitors would always […]