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Industries – Professional

Every organization needs competent personnel to perform administrative duties that keep the organization going such as customer care, clerical work, accounting, and general administration.

These professionals are the oil that keeps companies running efficiently and effectively and as such, organizations need to make sure that they get the right people for these roles. The recruitment process, however, is challenging and capital intensive and as a company, you may end up wasting a lot of valuable company time and resources on this exercise.

Aloha International Employment takes this recruitment burden from you so as to allow you to concentrate on the things that matter such as running your business effectively.

Professional Staffing Services

We have been offering professional staffing services for years now and this has given us a lot of insights into the recruitment requirements for companies in the region and beyond. This knowledge guides our recruitment processes and helps us select only the individuals that meet the requirements of modern businesses.

We have a huge database of competent professional and administrative talent that we will pass on to you when you let AIE handle your recruitment needs. Our impressive success rate in placing job seekers in organizations that meet their career goals and aspirations has made us a popular choice with job seekers and it is from this database that we will find the right administrative assistants for your company.

We understand that the recruitment demands of employers change with time and that is why we keep evaluating our talent base so as to ensure that they keep improving their skills and competencies in their areas of specialization for them to have a meaningful impact on the organizations they work for.

Get the professional talent that you desire

Our understanding of the labor market and the recruitment demands of modern businesses have greatly improved our turnaround time and this means that we will get you the professional administrative talent that you need in a short period of time.

You will, therefore, not have to waste time and company resources assessing potential hires and this means that you will be able to channel these resources to other areas of your business that require them urgently.

Other than professional skills and knowledge, companies expect their employees to have the right character so as to maintain a pleasant working environment, and this is something that we look at when assessing candidates. Our recruitment process includes detailed background checks and skill competency tests for professional/administrative services.

The quality of our candidates is, therefore, not in doubt since they will have the professional skills and character to contribute positively to your organization. Whether you are a startup, a mid-sized company or a fortune 500 firm, AIE has the top administrative and clerical talent for your business.

We have the capacity to handle large volumes in a short period of time since we have a large pool of competent candidates for organizations to choose from. Call us today and let Aloha International Employment connect you with the right talent for your organization.