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Having competent staff is one of the things that make organizations successful and Aloha International Employment has helped many companies in this regard. The industrial sector is particularly demanding of its staff and this makes hiring the right people very important.

With the challenges and uncertainties of recruitment more profound than ever, AIE steps in to handle your recruitment and deliver qualified industry professionals that are ready to perform specialist jobs in your company. We offer professional industrial staffing services in construction, warehouse, manufacturing, automotive and other industrial related positions.

Large pool of industrial professionals

At present, there is a shortage of qualified industrial specialists on the market but with our large talent pool of industrial professionals at different levels of their profession, we have the resources to help you find competent staff for your work operations.

Avoid the hustle of looking for the right people to work in your company and let our experienced industrial recruiters find and pre-qualify amazing candidates that meet your company’s needs, often in a short period of time. With more than 30 years of experience as a specialist recruiter in the industrial niche, you can trust us to find the best workers to perform different industrial roles in your company.

Comprehensive background checks

Our success in helping job seekers find employment with organizations that match their career goals has helped us build a sizeable pool of talent that you can tap into to boost your workforce.

Our recruitment process is very strict and it involves comprehensive background checks and targeted competency tests that help us identify top talent for modern industries. The background checks will help us identify character-flaws early in advance and this will ensure that you don’t end up with workers that will ruin your workplace environment.

Our interest is not just to place industrial workers in your company and leave. We want to establish a long-term relationship as well and that is why we always follow up on our clients so as to make sure that the hires are working out for them.

A proven track record

We have matched a lot of companies with the right talent and through our exceptional hiring solutions, we will help you make smart hiring solutions for your company. Before we bring you the candidates, we will find the time to learn about your company and your specific hiring needs.

Through a recruitment program that has been customized to your organization’s staffing requirements, our recruiters will find the candidates with the qualifications that you desire and test them thoroughly so as to identify the best from the lot. We can handle large orders from employers since we have streamlined our processes to help us identify the right candidates in a short time.

Our rates are among the best in the business and this we see you make a lot of saving on your finances that you can use elsewhere in the business. Unlock the potential of your company with competent workers in the industrial sector thanks to our customized recruitment services. Call us today for a free quote and begin the journey towards industrial excellence.