A Checklist For Writing Effective Cover Letters

For those who are seeking jobs or are looking to create something that will delineate every single fact about them, a cover letter is the best medium to do so. But the problem remains the same, most of us don’t know how to make the cover letters effective and impressive. It’s said that your first impression will always be your last impression.

How to Write a Cover Letter

In most cases, the fact has been falsified but somehow, in this case, it isn’t. In fact, a cover letter will serve half of your purpose when you are going to impress someone or if you are willing to make a grand entry.

As a matter of fact, cover letters are not only required by a job seeker. Many companies have their cover letters to attract attention towards their business. A cover letter is a sort of listed resume that will let people know certain points about you. And that’s why the importance of cover letter is a non-negotiable matter.

Importance of Cover Letters

The importance of cover letter lies in the fact that it answers all the questions pertaining to you, the basic and the preliminary questions though. No matter what, the answers to these questions decide the future fate of an individual or an organization. While looking for a job, if you come across the cover letter of an organization, what are the basic requisites that you will look for?

Same goes in case of an employer. If he wants to hire you, then he will look into certain matters about you being listed down in an effective manner. This is where a cover letter comes into the forefront.

The questions that a cover letter answers are:

  • Who are you?
  • What are your skills?
  • What is your focused arena?
  • What are your professional qualifications?
  • What is your contact information?
  • What is your working capacity?

These are some of the questions that are usually conveyed by a cover letter. That is why the cover letters should always be effective and appealing to heighten the interest.

How to Make Your Cover Letter More Noticeable

In order to make the cover letter impressive, you will have to follow certain rules or specifically certain things that must be included. Without them, either your cover letter will be too vague or too plain, something that is both unimpressive and unattractive.

So, before finalizing on it, make sure to include all the points that you deem as necessary for letting others know with whom they are dealing and with what they are dealing. Don’t crowd your cover letter, keep it simple but include certain points.

People are looking for matter and not art and designs. So do not exaggerate things like borders and other designs on the letter pages. Keep them minimal but make the content information effective because that will help you in your purpose.

Contact Information

Contact information will give your audience a medium to get in touch with you. Without proper contact information, you will not be able to create a list of audience. The things that will be there on the cover letter on priority are:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Zip code
  • Personal telephone number
  • Email address

In case your cover letter is having more than one page, make sure to include the above information at the top of the other pages including the first one. Do not mention the business number and name if it is not extremely necessary.

Make sure that if your cover letter has more pages, each page will be numbered in a chronological order to avoid the messing up of the pages. Staple all the papers together in the business fashion, making sure that the staple goes on the top left-hand corner of the pages. The pages should be arranged properly, with nothing sticking out like a sore thumb.


Following things must be taken care of while forming a cover letter:

  • Is the reason for your purpose mentioned?
  • Is the letter aimed for any specific target job? Mainly this is considered if you are going for an advertisement or some promotional business offerings.
  • Is the letter incorporates the professional behaviors which are desired for the particular purpose?
  • Are qualified enough to support the points mentioned in the cover letter regarding your strengths and skills?
  • Did you cover up space unnecessarily by mentioning the employer’s details?
  • Have you justified your actions of leaving the previous organization? If not, then don’t do it on the cover letter. The justification should be done verbally. The cover letter will speak for you, not justify you.
  • Have you omitted all the references to the desired salaries unless it is specified by the target audience?
  • Have you mentioned your availability? If you prioritize your time, then its better to stop wasting theirs. Remember it’s you who need them, not the other way round.
  • Have you mentioned the major relevant to the advertisement?
  • Have you specified your higher education details, keeping in mind the need for relevance?
  • Have you prevented the listing of all other irrelevant information and details?
  • Have you managed to give the information pertaining to your career achievements and the challenges that you overcame so far?
  • Is the letter properly focused with all the relevant information?
  • Is the letter’s length apt, lengthy enough to give them the required details but still short to increase their curiosity and eagerness?
  • Have you slipped some major points like mentioning the application letter or your contact information?

Style of Writing

When it comes to the writing style, you need to:

  • Make sure that you are using short and concise words in place of the long ones. Replace the two similar letters with a single one and use synonyms.
  • Make sure that the maximum words in one sentence are not more than 25 and if possible break the long sentences.
  • Make sure that your paragraphs are not too lengthy. This will add more white space to the letter, making it look more appealing.
  • Try to include powerful and effective verbs and phrases in the sentences.


Make use of all the tips and tricks mentioned above to create highly effective cover letters. Good luck!

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