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5 Tips for Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Writing an effective cover letter leads to a bigger chance of getting hired. The cover letter says a lot about the applicant. It is like the window to the person’s intentions. It also reflects an applicant’s personality. Writing an effective cover letter is challenging for most job hunters and finding templates online can get overwhelming.

Most of the time, people think that an effective cover letter must be technical, however, this is a common misconception. The HR Manager does not only hire those who seem super serious. These days, people get hired more than the achievement they declare. If you are currently looking for a job, here are 5 tips for writing an effective cover letter:

1) Set an engaging and friendly tone from the very beginning

Start your cover letter in an engaging and friendly way. A polite sentence at the beginning has been favorited by many hiring managers. Instead of the usual “Good day to you!” you can try writing other expressions like thank you for taking the time to read my cover letter, or I am glad to have this opportunity to connect with you.

People who receive your cover letter can get a good understanding of the type of person you are through cheery words and uplifting messages. Starting your cover letter with a friendly tone is a great sign.

2) Highlight your understanding of the role in connection to the vision of the company

Let the hiring manager know of the position you are interested in and how you can successfully contribute to this role in the company. Connect your values as an employee to the values of the company at this time. If you have any knowledge about this role, you should write about it and tie it into how you can add value to the company in this role. 

3) Put emphasis on your experience and skills that are necessary for the position

Sell yourself well. Write down your past work experiences and how they have set you up to be successful in this new role. You can mention your education, accomplishments, licenses, training, conferences, internships, jobs, and so forth. This is very important because it will enable the hiring officer to see how fit you are for the role.  

4) Express your strengths 

Hiring officers love honesty. In your cover letter, express your greatest strengths and how they contribute to this role. It is best to go into detail and provide direct examples when discussing your strengths. It is even better if one of the strengths you list is a weakness in the company. If you are good at something the company is struggling with, you have a greater chance at getting the job because you will add value in those areas.  If you can help a company improve in certain areas, they will likely take the opportunity to hire you and make a difference in the workplace.

5) Leave a magnetic impression through your salutation

Give enough attention to the last part of your cover letter since this is the last thing the hiring manager will remember reading. Before you sign your name at the bottom, you need to leave a magnetic salutation. Demonstrate how excited you are for the role through your writing. Show them that you have done research on the company and are enthusiastic to join their team. This part will give a lasting impression to the hiring officer if you can pull it off well and authentically.

These are things you can keep in mind while drafting and revising your resume and cover letter. Are you still unsure of what to write? Aloha International Employment can help you craft that winning cover letter! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 

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