5 Public Speaking tips to help you overcome your fear

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking with these Tips!

Public speaking is a common fear which can be found at the top of almost everyone’s list around the world. You may feel nervous, your palms may sweat and your heart may pound, but there are many ways you are able to not only control your fears but to confront them and banish them for good.

Here are a few public speaking tips to help boost your confidence next time you’re giving a presentation or addressing a crowd:

Organize your Speech Notes

The more organized your material and thoughts are the easier it will be to relax and remain calm. When your notes and mind is clear and organized your speaking anxiety is greatly reduced because you can better focus on the task at hand, killing that speech.

Organize your notes

Practice Makes Perfect

The most important thing to do before addressing a crowd is to make sure you’ve practiced your speech. Many times. Write out a script of your key points, however, don’t read it word for word as it can become dull to listen too. You can also practice by giving your speech to another person, or people and ask them to honestly critique your work.

The more prepared you are and the better the understanding you have of your speech and topic the easier it will be to answer any questions the crowd throws at you. The more prepared you are the more confident which is why it’s important to practice, practice, practice.

Practice Speaking Infront of a Mirror

Along with practicing at home and in front of loved ones, you can also try reading your speech in front of a mirror. If you read it directly to yourself as the audience then the more attentive you’ll be to things such as your body language, facial expressions, gestures and see how welcoming you appear while giving the speech.

Practice speaking in front of mirror

Don’t Overthink Audience Reactions

While you’re giving your speech and look out into the crowd if you see someone on their phone or yawning, do not read into it as your boring them or uninteresting. There will always be those few people who are tired or bored but none the less you cannot let it affect your speech.

Look to others who are listening intently to your speech to regain confidence if you stagger.

Avoid Speaking Too Quickly

When you are speaking too fast while delivering a speech it can affect your breathing patterns. The faster you’re speaking the less your breathing and feeling short of breath can cause you to panic. 

While you’re practicing your speech make sure you’re also practicing deep and slow breathing techniques. This will help you become more relaxed and deliver your speech freely and clearly.

woman speaking in front of others

Being able to speak confidently in front of others can help you build a foundation for future success in many areas of your life. Overcoming these fears will not only help you approach public speaking more confidently but can also help you improve your communication skills, and assist in meeting new people and doing group interviews.

Feeling nervous about speaking in front of others is nothing to be ashamed of as many people share the same fear. Rather than focusing on the anxiety and the crowd, try using these public speaking tips to help guide you through your speech and overcome your fears.


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