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When You Should Expect To Hear Back After Applying For A Job

You put in the time and effort during your job search. You cycled through countless job descriptions, double-checked the qualifications, and submitted cover letters and resumes. Now the waiting game begins.

How long does it take to hear back from a job application?

Most applicants hear back three days after the opening got posted, though it can take a week or more from other employers. The length in time for response varies depending on a few factors.

How long does it take to hear back from a job application?

According to a study by, job seekers were most likely to hear back from hiring managers regarding their application three days after the opening was posted.

how long does it take to hear back from a job

However, there was also a spike in responses from a recruiter or hiring manager around a week, two weeks, and three weeks after the hiring process began. If you haven’t heard back from a hiring manager within three weeks, you likely won’t hear back from the employer.

In general, the highest likelihood of receiving a response was within the first eight days. After that, the number of job search responses dropped though there was a minor spike between days 13-15 and days 20-22.

When should you expect to hear back?

Job seekers share the frustration of recruiters or hiring managers that go M.I.A. after you submit a job application. According to Indeed, 48% of applicants admit that waiting to hear from an employer is “highly frustrating.”

Though some companies may fill positions in a short amount of time, often, you must play the waiting game. Keep in mind that only 4% of job applicants hear back within one day.

Furthermore, less than 40% receive a response within the first week. The highest likelihood is between a week and two weeks, according to the study by Indeed.

Waiting to hear from a recruiter or hiring manager takes time

Patience is a virtue, and it’s never more important than during a jot hunt. Applying for a job is a hassle, and based on the number of applicants, it can take days or weeks for a response, even if they are interested in your resume.

waiting to hear back after a job interview

Regardless, you have options when it comes to waiting to hear on a job opening:

You may receive an automated email that the employer received your application. A follow-up email is a crafty way to stay ahead of the hiring process if you have contact information.

It allows you to remind the hiring manager of your application, once again express interest in the position, and thank them for their time. You should keep the email concise and professional. Politeness goes a long way.

Finding a job takes time no matter what you do

You may do everything right, and still, the employer could fill the role with another applicant. Unfortunately, rejection is all part of the job hunt and hiring process.
You shouldn’t let one failure distract you from your goals and ambitions in life. Sometimes the number of applications makes competition for the opening intense. Job seekers that are persistent, thorough, and professional create more opportunities for success.

Indeed reports that nearly ten new jobs are posted every second on the job site. Consequently, job seekers should never apply for only one opening at a time. Applying for other positions and diversifying a job search creates more possibilities, even if you are waiting to hear back from a dream job.

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