Researching a Business Before a Job Interview

Here’s How to Research a Company Before an Interview

Researching a business before an interview is essential. Through thorough research, you will be able to find out more about the company you want to be part of, including their company values, mission statement, services and more. Learning about the company beforehand and referring to them throughout the interview will demonstrate that you have done your research and are interested in working for the company.  

Businesses and companies want employees that are eager to work with them. The initial sign that someone is serious about the position they applied for is that they know what the business does. Knowing basic information about the company’s products or services and what their mission and vision are is the first step to making a good first impression. The business will notice the initiative you have taken to learn about them beforehand and this will reflect positively on the type of worker you are.

Here are helpful tips on how to research a business before an interview:

Search the Business in Google

Search for the business online by typing the name in Google and wait for the top results. The first page of search results would show you many options but you should click on the homepage of their website to start.

search for business

On the homepage, you will be able to find the most important information about the business, including what they do, who they are, as well as any recent updates or events that they have been involved in.  This is where they relay their information to customers and clients.

After scanning the homepage, go straight to the About Us page to learn more about the company. You can jot down valuable details such as the business’ profile, history, mission and vision, and their interests. It is important to write down these details on a piece of paper so you can review it.

Research Who They Are and What They Need

Get to know the people behind the team that runs the business, these are the minds and hearts of the business. Most of the time you can find them on the About page. Other times, they have a separate category for it. Read the profiles one by one and have in mind why the business runs the way it does as influenced by these people. 

The website might have a section for the news, updates, or resources. This is a good place to get acquainted with as you can pull a lot of valuable information about the company by reading up on their latest updates. Perhaps the company just released a new product or has recently gotten involved in the community.

research the business

This is a good way to see what the business is involved in, and how you can add value to the organization. It is a good idea to keep their needs in mind and express what you can offer to help the company achieve their goals in your interview.

Read their Online Blog

Most active businesses have a blog on their website to showcase their industry authority and educate online users on certain topics. This is where they tell more stories and narratives about their business. You can read their blog posts to get a deeper understanding of what the business aims for.

Why is Note-Taking Necessary While Researching a Business?

1) It will give you a good recall of information that you can mention in your answers.

2) It will add your credibility in the interview answers.

3) It will guide you back to why you want this job post and why you fit the bill.

As you prepare for that big day, let us assist you in how to research a company before going to a job interview.  If you are aware of what the company does, you will stand out to the employer and make a good first impression. By doing your research on ahead of time, you can feel better prepared, and more relaxed. If you direct your answers towards what the company is looking for, you will have a better chance at landing the job. If you need help overcoming your fear of public speaking, check out these tips to improve your confidence while speaking in the interview. 


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