Tips on making a Temp position a permanent one

Create a Great Impression on New Employers

If you’ve landed a job, whether it be temporary or full time, you still want to make a good and lasting impression on your new employers. If you were hired as a temp but were hoping to one day become full-time then you need to make a good impression more than ever.

Research the Company; This is especially important if you were looking to eventually land that promotion to full time. While you’re working, avoid the mindset that this is just another job and treating it as such. Try researching the company, their values and what they offer their clients. This can help you develop a deeper understanding of what they do and what they stand for as a business.While getting to know the company you must also get to know the people who keep it running. Even though you may not be there to make temporary friends, it will show that you are a team player and that you can fit into the company social dynamic.

Treat it like a Full-Time Position; Regardless as to how you got the job, you accepted their offer so you don’t want to make them regret it the decision. Take your temporary job as seriously as you would if it were your full-time position and show the company your strong work ethic. If you are continuously finishing your tasks and assignments on time and in an efficient manner you will get a lot further than someone who is just there for a paycheck. This will go a long way in determining your future with the company and will leave a positive and resonating impression with your employers.

Take Initiative in Work that Needs to be Done; If you want to leave a good impression then it helps to go above and beyond whatever project you’ve been assigned.Taking initiative on certain projects or asking your fellow employees if they need help can show that you’re dedicated and a team player. Volunteering to stay extra hours and remaining open to learn can also stand out to your employers and are recognized as positive behaviors in the workplace. If they see that you’re committed and genuinely interested they may even extend your temporary contract or even upgrade it since many temporary employees will punch in, do the work, and then punch out which is not going to be noticed by those higher up. Showing up every day on time ready to go and helping wherever needed is the best way to leave the impressions you’re looking for.  Working in a temporary position can be great because you are getting to experience new work multiple assignments while gaining experience. Making sure you’re leaving a good impression with the company you temporarily work for can open many different doors for you down the road, or even help you secure a permanent position.


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