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5 Reasons You Should Look for a Better Job

A happy and fulfilling career is built upon experience, talent, and continually striving to reach professional development goals. For that reason, it may not always be beneficial to spend a long time within one role, particularly at the beginning of a career. It may seem counterintuitive to always be open to a different role, particularly if you have recently taken on a new job.

It may seem counterintuitive to always be open to a different role, particularly if you have recently taken on a new job. However, keeping a keen eye on the market allows you to continually consider whether you are in the best position and if there is space to develop, to pursue it at the right time.

Here’s Why You Should Consider a New Career

After staying in the same position for many years, boredom can set in and challenges may not seem as exciting as they initially were. Finding a new career can be exciting since you are able to develop your skills and experience while building new relationships with co-workers. Let’s explore five reasons why you should always be looking for a better job:

You Don’t Want to Miss a Good Opportunity

Career progression comes from taking opportunities as they arise. You may spend a long time waiting for a promotion or dream role within your current organization; the desire to remain in a role can be born of loyalty, fear of change, or high regard for colleagues or management.

Whilst the prospect of changing roles or companies may be daunting, it is important to consider whether long-term career aspirations are best served elsewhere. By maintaining awareness of the job market, you will ensure that you are always informed about opportunities that might be worth progressing.

If you are approached to consider a new role, it is always best to at least engage with the person who contacts you; even if that role is not a good fit at the time, the courtesy you show encourages interest in you in the future. Avoid closing doors to anyone who may be helpful in progressing your career. A good opportunity could be waiting around the corner for you, but you need to remain aware and open to it.

It Will Keep You Focused on Your Career Aspirations

For the overwhelming majority of people, there are times in our careers when we find ourselves in roles that are not entirely in line with our long-term aspirations. This could be due to boredom, a lack of experience, financial necessity, promotion freezes, or other reasons. Consider finding a career that excites you and enables you to gain new skills!


Staying up to date with employment opportunities will prompt you to maintain a focus on the role or career that you desire, instead of settling for a role that is ultimately not right for you. It is tempting, particularly in the time immediately after a job change or promotion, to feel obligated toward an employer.

However, your career is richer and more complex than simply one job, so do not be afraid to keep yourself fully involved in the employment market. Set goals for yourself as an employer, and continue to work on your skills so that you can land your dream job and achieve a successful career.

It Will Help Diversify Your Experience

In today’s working world, breadth of experience is extremely impressive. Having the ability to adapt and take on new challenges demonstrates to a prospective employer that you have the flexibility to transform your working style, as well as a desire to continually learn and develop.

As important as it is to deepen your knowledge and qualifications in specialist skills, a diverse catalog of experience is equally desirable. If your current role is rigid and does not allow for new opportunities, consider whether it is time to move on. This is particularly true at the beginning of a career; a time when a greater number of paths are open to exploration.

Even if you are not able to secure your dream role at the first attempt, continue working your way towards it by taking on different roles. Transitioning into a new role will expose you to new skills and experiences and help you achieve your long-term career aspirations.

You Will Stay Up-To-Date on Your Cover Letter and Interview Skills

The process of updating a cover letter (CV) or resume is time-consuming, application forms and cover letters can be difficult to complete, and interviews are notoriously nerve-wracking! Most of the fear surrounding these activities comes from the unknown, or simply being out of practice.


A sure way of eliminating uneasiness around the job application process is to keep practicing. When you maintain an interest in the job market, you will feel more inclined to keep your CV or resume up-to-date with qualifications, hard and soft skills, and experience, so that it is ready for submission at any time.

Interview skills can also take time to perfect. Practicing your techniques regularly will help you to feel more confident; even mock interviews with a friend or employment professional have a positive effect. By the time you reach your next face-to-face meeting with a prospective employer, you will be able to surpass their expectations your confidence and good-quality answers.

Change is Good

Many of us have an entrenched fear of change. Change can sometimes be difficult to navigate, but change is rarely as dramatic as we expect it will be. In terms of our careers, it is often the case that progression can only be made by making a significant transformation.

As much as you may have a fantastic rapport with your colleagues, a positive working relationship with your manager, an enviable working environment, or lucrative perks, if your current role is not propelling you towards your career goals, it is prudent to consider a job change. Not only does it aid your aspirations, but it helps you to become more adaptable, which is crucial to long-term success.

Who Can Help Me Secure My Next Job?

There are several approaches you can try. Online searches are quick, easily-accessible, and up-to-date. You may wish to check a local newspaper or community job board. Word of mouth and direct contact can also lead to good opportunities.

The most effective way to secure your next role, however, is to work with a dedicated employment agency like Aloha International Employment. Not only will we help you to identify prospective jobs, but we will also help you during the application process and prepare for interviews. If you are looking for a new job in Hawaii, speak with the friendly experts at Aloha International Employment.


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