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Job Skills Test

Find the Right Job with Skills Testing

If you have ever had a job that seemed above or below your skill set, you probably felt frustrated and stressed. Maybe you chose the job or stuck with it because there were no other ones available at the time.

Sometimes a job might not be the “perfect” fit, but at Aloha International Employment, Inc., we strive to find the right job for you, even if it’s not available right away. In order to help you find the best fit, we get you to complete a skills test to base our search on your best skills.

Job Skills Assessment Test with AIE

While we strive to place you in employment that highlights your strengths and knowledge, many of our job seeking clients have had great success finding the “right” job after participating in “Kenexa Prove-It” job testing program.

job skills test

More often than not, job seekers think they are skilled in one field, but may actually know less than they should, eliminating or lowering their job qualifications. Additionally, some job seekers are unaware of their untapped potential that might be a short step away from a successful and fulfilling job.

Our skills test program, “Kenexa Prove-It,” is customized to test applicants on various skill levels including:

  • General Office
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll
  • AP/AR
  • Grammar, Spelling
  • Math
  • Medical Industries
  • Computer software programs

AIE clients have found the system to be an “invaluable” tool and at a low cost of $45, you can test yourself up to three programs in the comfort of your own home and receive your results within minutes!

Benefits of Skills Testing

Aside from being assigned to a job that’s best suited for you, AIE employees who participate in skills testing are:

  • More confident and happier in the workplace
  • Less likely to have workplace-related accidents
  • More likely to work harder and be a long-term employee
  • More likely to receive compliments, positive feedback, and praise by fellow employees, supervisors, and even the head of the company!
  • Temporary employees may be more likely to be offered a long-term position in a company

Don’t wait for the jobs to come to you! Tap into your true potential and start finding the right job now. For more information on job skills testing and choosing a job placement, contact AIE today. Let us help you get closer to finding the perfect job!