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Group Interview Tips

Feel Confident in Group Interviews with these Helpful Tips

Preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking enough especially for those who are seeking their first real job after post-secondary, but walking into a group interview can be terrifying. Companies will usually inform you about the interview type ahead of time, however, it can still come as a surprise to people when they show up to an interview with many other candidates around them.

Group interviews are becoming more common as a way of expediting the interview process which is good for business, but not always great for the candidates that applied. Here are some group interview tips to help you separate yourself from your competition and land the job.

The Top 5 Ways to Master a Group Interview

So what do you do when you’re prepared for a one on one interview and walk in to see 5 other applicants sitting around the table? Here are some tips to make sure you’re prepared for anything, including group interviews.

Put On Your Best Poker Face

If you find yourself in the position of a surprise group interview, remain calm and keep your composure. Don’t let them see that you’re surprised or disappointed by entering the room with confidence and a smile to let your possible future employer see that performing in front of a group doesn’t phase you.

How you react to this situation and the group is indicative of many things through the eyes of your employer.

Make Friends

Typically in group interviews, the candidates waiting tend to be quiet and ignore each other. Rather than follow the trend, review your notes, or pull out your phone, introduce yourself even if the employer isn’t in the room with you.

Your interaction with the others will show your interviewers when they do arrive that you’re able to network and it will make you seem confident and ready to start.

Make Your Words Count

Regardless as to whether it’s a one-on-one interview or a group interview you need to do your research on your employer and the company.

Look at its clients, products, services, and most importantly their values. This way when asked a question you are prepared to answer it and to state your opinion assuredly.

If there was something presented by another interviewee in the room that you agree with or a point they made which you’d like to touch on make sure you state their name as it will show that you are able to control a room and can make you appear as a leader.

Be Your Professional Self

It’s important to be yourself during any interview, however, be sure you don’t tell them too much or come off to aggressively when talking about yourself. It’s good to interact during the interview however interviewers aren’t looking for the loudest voice at the table.

Follow Up

It’s safe to say that most of the candidates will send the interviewer a follow-up thank you letter to stand out. Try referencing part of the conversation in which you contributed to, like an answer you nailed, or a joke they thought was funny. Give them something to help them remember your face and make the association.

When preparing for a job interview you need to make sure that you are ready for anything and everything they can throw at you, this includes group interviews. Keep in mind these group interview tips to better prepare yourself and separate yourself from the competition.


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