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Hire Temporary Workers in Hawaii

Looking to Hire a Temp Employee?

Thriving companies often experience an increase in the need for employees, even for a short period of time. Other times, many businesses consider hiring a new employee but are not sure whether they’d like to make it long-term.

It can be a frustrating and overwhelming process, but not with the help of Aloha International Employment, Inc! If you consider hiring a temporary worker as a full-time employee, we can help you through the hiring process.

How Do You Decide to Hire a Temporary Employee?

While many temporary positions only last a short period of time, many companies choose to hire their temp as a long-term employee. At AIE, we’ll help you with the temp-to-hire process when you would like to offer a permanent position to an exemplary temporary employee.

Some good signs that your AIE Temp is ready to become part of your permanent team include:

  • Having exemplary attendance, promptness, and professionalism
  • Fits in well with your permanent staff
  • Learns quickly and works efficiently
  • Follows and believes in your business mission

Have you decided that your temporary employee is the right employee? You don’t have to wait! You can hire the employee for a long-term position within the first 90 days.

However, Until you decide to hire, we continue to cover all temporary employee expenses including taxes and insurance.

Why Chose AIE for Temp-to-Hire?

At Aloha Employment International, Inc., we stand out from other staffing agencies in Hawaii. Our clients choose AIE for numerous reasons including:

  • Our experience in filling jobs throughout Maui and Oahu since 1981
  • We only choose the most qualified, well-matched employee for your job
  • Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • We take care of all the legal paperwork so it’s organized and filed right the first time
  • We save you time and money trying to find employees to fill open positions
  • Our variety of services, including employee leasing, and applicant screening

At AIE, we know that the need for employees can change from one day to the next.  Temporary employees come and go, but if you have one that seems to be a perfect fit for your company, call us today and we will help you through the process.

Whether you need a long-term job filled, a temporary position covered, or help to hire a temporary employee, we’re just a phone call away!