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We satisfy Hawaii’s employment needs and provide our clients’ professionalism with the spirit of aloha.

Serving Hawaii since 1981...

Our Commitment

Feeling overwhelmed by taxes or workers' compensation forms? When you own a business there's never enough time to deal with the mountains of confusing paperwork.

We want to take the burden off of you!

AIE is the Right Fit for you whether you are a skilled professional seeking employment or a business owner in need of a reliable employee. Aloha International Employment Inc. will help you every step of the way. We listen to what you want, what you need, and work to find the perfect fit for your employment success. Your satisfaction is our mission and guarantee.

Establishing a relationship with AIE, Inc. was a rewarding business decision. As a remodeling contractor, there are numerous requirements to be in compliance with all the various agencies and insurances. To me, AIE, Inc. is a business partner who helps my business be in compliance and streamlines the process. My clients and my remodeling projects are my primary focus. Using AIE, Inc. payroll service allows me to maintain my focus and not be distracted by administrative paperwork.
Respectfully, Brian Rigney
BY DESIGN custom remodeling
We’ve been with Aloha International Employment going on 7 years now. We are in construction and decided to go with Aloha when another service could not provide the proper workman’s comp insurance for a military project we were working on. Aloha manages our payroll and all the taxes and deductions that go along with it. They also manage our workman’s comp, employee health insurance, finding new employees, back ground checks on new employees, and advice and consultation on employment law issues. We have been very pleased with their service and we always feel they are a phone call away from any help we need.
Bob Johnson, President
Pacific Industrial Coatings, LLC

Our Business Clients Have...

  • Experienced an Increase in Productivity
  • Benefits of Organized and Properly/Legally Filed Paperwork
  • Witnessed a Significant Increase in Overall Employee Morale
  • A team of Professionally Placed Employees

Our Applicants Have...

  • Experienced more success with our temp agency
  • Higher Rates of Job Security
  • Increased Chances of Securing Long Term Employment
  • An Opportunity for Benefits, Including Health Care
  • Access to Specialized Testing to Better Determine Job Skills

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