Top 5 Beaches For Locals To Visit In Maui

The Island of Maui in Hawaii has some 300 miles of coastline, making it one of the best destination for a beach adventure. Some of the beaches are good, but there are those that are just out of this world. They offer an incredible view, unbeatable hospitality, and a fantastic adventure that visitors would always want to have more. If you are planning to go to Maui, here are the top five beaches to consider.

Ka’anapali Beach

The Ka’anapali Beach has in recent time become one of the most visited beaches in Maui. It has some of the best spots and attracts the highest caliber of tourists from around the world. Some of the best activities here include scuba diving, boogie boarding, cliff jumping, snorkeling, surfing, and sunbathing. Get the advantage to park when you lodge here, or else, you can park in the parking garage of the village whalers.

Kapalua Beach

This northwestern Maui beach is known for its peaceful environment, beautiful sand, and the lined up palm trees. For many years past it has featured in travel magazines and rated one of the best places to stay in Maui. There is a reason why couples and families choose this destination as the preferred place to enjoy the sun, see whales migrating in the deeper waters, and shop and dine in the near village.

Napili Bay Beach

Access to the Napili Bay beach is on Hui drive. While the beach is usually hidden from view due to the beachfront condos, there is still more of the magnificence to see, as you take a step into the beach. The best time to visit is during the summer when it is calm and homely. You can snorkel on a quiet day, go swimming in the afternoon, or visit the Sea House restaurants that offer 50% off their appetizers.


Kahekili Beach Park

Tourists love this beach because it is a less crowded version of the Kaanapali Beach. Serving as an extension that is separated by a hotel and hundreds of yards of lava. The beach is not good for swimmers because of the hidden rocks and dangerous strong current. But you can do scuba diving, snorkeling, or set up a picnic. Kaanapali Beach is well groomed, and it offers trees that can serve as shades if you want to get away from the sun.

Kahekili Beach Park

Keawakapu Beach

The Keawakapu Beach is a hidden paradise with three different access points. While it is small in size, it offers an all year round swimming condition. The beach has beautiful and clean white sand where children can build sand castles, and adults can sunbath as much as they please. Those who want to go snorkeling can take advantage of the vast underwater reef, or go for other activities like standup paddling and sunset watching.

Keawakapu Beach

Maui is the place to be for tourists who want to enjoy the closeness to nature and add value to their lives. These five beaches have all the beauty and paradise features best beaches possess to help every tourist have a memorable time.


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