PRIMARY PURPOSE: In partnership with the Adoptions Manager, the Off-site Adoptions Coordinator leads the off-site adoption program. Dedicated to high-level customer service and people care at all times through volunteer training and relationship management with off-site adoption partners. Responsible for coordinating transfers and animal adoptions off-site, utilizing volunteer resources.

• People Care. Leading by example, exuding passion and excitement around supporting potential adopters find their best match while promoting ways to connect them to the company mission. Equally passionate about supporting off-site adoption partners, team members, volunteers and members of the community. Excellent follow up and time management skills to internal and external stakeholders while maintaining exceptional people care values are essential to this role.
• Off-site Program Development, Leadership and Partnerships. Responsible for the coordination and oversight of the off-site program, movement and placement of animals at off-site locations and events. This includes identifying and selecting the adoption candidates for off-site, scheduling and managing all off-site animal transfers and adoption events, and responding to partner requests in a timely manner. Oversees and reports on key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics of off-site locations and works to problem solve or maximize opportunities in the community. In partnership with the Adoptions Manager, evaluates the off-site adoption program’s impact internally and externally, working with the team to ensure best outcomes for animals.
• Off-site Adoptions Volunteer Management and Cultivation. In partnership with Volunteer Services, responsible for building and nurturing a team of dedicated off-site Adoptions volunteers at independent locations as well as developing volunteers to assist with on-campus needs in support of the off-site program. The coordinator will work closely with volunteers to ensure they are well supported and industry best practices are utilized for efficient communication and feedback channels.
• Communications Leadership. Coordinates regular communication with volunteers, off-site partners, from in-person or emailed check-ins to escalating particular needs in a proactive manner.
Adoptions Ambassador. Works with team members to learn about all animals available for adoption each day in order to enable thoughtful conversations with potential adopters selecting a new pet. Works collaboratively internally to ensure that adopters receive pertinent behavioral or medical needs of each animal and the appropriate support or guidance to manage such needs at home.
Animal Care Management. Move, load and transport animals to off-site locations while practicing safe handling. Communicates and works collaboratively with all departments depending on the individual adoption animal to address specific health or behavioral needs. Treats all animals humanely and with compassion according to industry best practices, providing enrichment items for animals located in off-site habitats. Vaccinate and administer routine preventatives to animals housed off-site when needed. Develops and trains volunteer team to support in all functions of animal movement, enrichment and care off-site.
• Off-site Location Maintenance. Ensures a clean, organized and welcoming off-site adoptions animal habitats and information centers. Assists the Adoptions team to order and track supply usage within the department as needed, coordinating supply drop offs via volunteer support and confirming that each location is well-stocked.
• Operations Support. Works with other departments within the organization to problem solve and manage challenges effectively and with people care at the forefront.
• Vehicle Maintenance. Responsible for vehicle and equipment cleaning, disinfecting and restocking according to the established procedures. Ensures vehicle inspections are being completed and gas receipts are submitted.
• On-site Adoptions Support. Cross-trained to assist with all on-site animal adoptions, special events and animal care duties. Communicates effectively on program needs with the On-site Adoptions Supervisor. Ensures on-site and off-site programs are working together and effectively to fulfil adopters needs.
• Other Duties as Assigned. May include organization-wide support as needed, including but not limited to participation in events, serving as spokesperson, fundraising, covering other operational departments, and the organization’s role as a first responder to disasters.

• Work Environment: Indoors and outdoors as needed.
• Equipment Use: Computer, cash register, database and telephone systems. Use of all sheltering-related animal equipment including tools for containing animals humanely, safely, and securely.
Hours: Based on operational requirements. Must be available full-time and available to work over 40 hours, as needed, any 7 days of the week, weekends and holidays.

• Skills/Knowledge: Must have excellent customer service skills including verbal, written and computer skills. Must be able to competently perform cash, computer, and paperwork transactions. Must be willing to drive company vehicles including animal transport trucks.

Must pass a driving background check with a valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record according to organizational policy.

• Education/Training: High school diploma or equivalent required.

• Experience: Two years of customer service experience required. Animal handling and leadership experience preferred.

To apply for this job email your details to kathleen@alohaintl.com