Continued Education Resources in Hawaii

The Best Continued Education Resources in Hawaii

There are many tricks which you can use to enhance your CV. From an employers perspective, it’s what is not written that often says the most. Gaps in your employment history prove a red flag to many recruiters. 

increasing your skill-set

So how can this vicious cycle be broken? Voluntary and intern positions are becoming an increasing trend in the modern world. Likewise, entrepreneurial projects show signs of enthusiasm and ability in getting back into the saddle of work. Perhaps the greatest way of all, however, is to return to education. This not only shows a willingness to increase your skill-set, but it’s also done in a structured and quantifiable way.

Adult Learning Resources

There are many community colleges and universities all situated in Hawaii. Each of which provides a route to get adults back into employment. Whether you want to learn a new skill or develop existing abilities, there’s a wide range of courses on offer. Many of these institutions also have connections to local employers. As such, they can literally act as a gateway back to work for successful students.

To help navigate through the options open to you, the local government have collated their resources on their official website. This allows you to see what courses are currently available and access further information.

Studying Online

The increasing amount of technology in the modern world brings many benefits. One of which is the increased ease and access to education. It is becoming ever-more popular to complete a course from the comfort of your own home.

online courses bring benefits around the world

While some courses are more suited to this than others, it’s a valid option for many people to now consider. Studying online also provides many more choices in courses as you’re not restricted by geography. Online courses are also generally a cheaper option than their campus counterparts.

This is not only because of saving travel costs, but course prices themselves are often cheaper. There can also be more flexibility regarding when and how you study fits around your lifestyle. However, this option is best suited for people who a good self-motivators.

Benefits of Returning to Education 

There are several huge positives which can be taken away from adult-learning courses. Beyond the more obvious which are stated above, some equally useful takeaways often get overlooked.

Success Breeds Confidence

Not only could you receive a useful certificate, but you will also get the feeling of accomplishment. The worst part of being unemployed for many people is the soul-draining procession of rejections. In completing a course, you will earn a genuine sense of achievement. This in itself will bring you a renewed sense of happiness.

But more than being just a pick-me-up, this can be a vital boost to your self-esteem. It’s no coincidence that confidence and success are often linked together. In an interview situation, extra confidence can play a huge difference between success and failure.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Like many old clichés, the old adage of mental and physical health being connected bears much truth. Although exercise is often promoted to improve learning, the opposite is also true. The act of learning will stimulate your mind which, in turn, can reduce stress levels. Not only does this improve mental health, physically you can benefit too.

regular routine results to positive changes

Having a regular routine which takes you out of the house is also a positive. This can be used to help introduce wider positive changes into your lifestyle. If you combine this with walking or cycling to college every day, you can improve your body as well as your career prospects.

Grow your Friendship Circle

The idea that teachers, course leaders and those behind the scenes of a university, help you progress is no big secret. However, fellow-students on your course can also be equally useful. Not only are you likely to meet people with similar interests, but these new contacts could also move into a similar industry to you.

Life is full of happy surprises and unexpected happenings. Expanding your social network is never a bad move but it can remove the need for luck. By treating your studies responsibly, it could well be you that is remembered when an opportunity later arises.

Sharpen your Soft Skills

While many abilities that you possess are taken for granted, they can be dulled if not regularly used. Returning to education may not match an office work environment exactly, but they share many common aspects. As such, being in a classroom can do wonders for your personal and interpersonal skills. This includes:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Computer proficiency
  • Time-keeping
  • Making presentations
  • Resourcefulness
  • Team-work

Another important area this will help is in critical thinking. Making decisions and solving problems are both skills which improve with experience. Facing constant tasks and challenges laid out in a classroom will once more sharpen these abilities.

Greater Job Satisfaction

Taking control of your own destiny is something everyone claims to want. By returning to education, this is exactly what you will be doing. Higher qualification will provide you with more leverage in finding your dream job.

Higher qualification one step closer to your dream job

Studies have repeatedly shown that college graduates feel happier in their jobs compared to school leavers. There are many reasons which can be attributed to this. The most obvious is that they have a clear direction in their lives. This allows them to methodically achieve their dreams, step by step.

Choosing Continued Education 

For anyone interested in advancing their career in this way, seeking guidance is imperative. Any step you take to revitalize your career should be part of an overall career plan. Speaking to an expert will ensure that you can see clearly which direction you are heading. It can also open up options which perhaps you had not previously considered.

From personal development officers at your local college to dedicated professionals in employment agencies. Make the first step by arranging a free consultation now and start planning for a better future.

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